Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Bubbly Bath Powder gets in the Best Beauty Bets Poll

Etsy is a homemade craft community of 170,000+ shops. Of those 50,000 sell bath and body products. Of those Etsy picked 60 products for The Storque's Best Beauty Bets Poll. With only 4 months on Etsy, our Bubbly Bath Powder placed 17th in this poll putting us in the Top 21!

It was truly an honor to be placed in such great company with established sellers on Etsy; some of which boast over 15,000 sales!

Congratulations to the winner, mmmmhandmadesoap and her Coffee Mocha Fizzing Bath Melts! To view this poll, the Top 21 list, and our featured Bubbly Bath Powder, click this link

What's in your moisturizer?

I challenge all that are reading this bulletin to do one thing. Pick up your favorite lotion or body butter and read the list of ingredients. More often than not, commercially made skin care lotions and body butters have one of the following as the largest amount of oil in the formulation.....Lanolin, Mineral Oil or Petroleum.

Lanolin is a wax derivative of sheep's wool which can cause allergies and be comodegenic (pore clogging).

Mineral Oil & Petroleum are generally skin protectants. both of these products, byproducts of petroleum/crude oil production, leave a film on the surface layer of the skin, which can lead to clogged pores.

Some of you may have heard some old schooler's tell you the best way to soften your feet is to use Petroleum Jelly and put socks on your feet before you go to sleep. And yes it works--but only on the surface! The best way to soften your skin is with non-comodegenic oils that will penetrate the skin. Softening the surface is only putting a bandaid on the real problem. Not to mention it's messy! The path to beautiful, well hydrated skin is to get beneath the skin's surface with natural penatrating oils and butters.

Our Shea Souffle Lotion & Body Butter will NEVER contain any of these products! Homemade skin care is on the rise.....visit our store and see why there's nothing better than homemade.

March Special~Buy 2 Four Ounce Body Butters get the 3rd FREE!

Now until March 30th, 2009, our 4 ounce Body Butters will be buy two get one FREE! Now who doesn't like free? With many satisfied customers across the US and now in Canada, get yours today and see why our feedback remains a 100% positive rating.

This Body Butter was created out of our need for a good, spa-quality, intense moisturizer that is not greasy! This amazing moisturizer goes on silky smooth with a light powdery feel.

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