Tuesday, February 3, 2009


About 4 years ago, I attempted to make my own body butter....if you want to call it a body butter. It was a complete disaster! I saw other people making it and figured, I could do this myself, it cannot be that hard. How wrong I was. The need for a good moisturizer is a necessity. I have diabetes and it seems the older I get, the drier my skin gets.

After a few more not so successful attempts, I found a fellow nail technician who made her own bath and body products. At that point, I was spending about $100 per month on bath and body products in the big chain stores. I started buying butters from Jennie after purchasing two others that cost a whopping $85 each...OUCH! They were expensive yes but they felt heavenly. Jennie's was really close. I bought one of her butters for my dbf and he was hooked, too.

One day while chatting online, Jennie tells me with all the money you spend in shipping this stuff, you could be making your own. That was about 2 years ago...and the rest is history.

With the guidance of my online friend and about 4 years total experimenting and testing, I feel that we have come up with a line that is of spa quality without the price tag....

Welcome to Scentful Indulgence Bath & Body Boutique

"...for the scentfully indulgent woman and the metro sexual male..."


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  1. you are so right...those high-end products cost too much for the average person!