Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What would you do?

Since Mother's Day has just passed (my Mom died in 2004) and Father's Day is approaching, I thought I'd ask my blog followers this question. Let's say you weren't speaking to your Dad because of a misunderstanding (on his part not mine), would you still acknowledge him for Father's Day? He is my only parent now and I feel kinda bad about us not being on the best of terms right now, but it truly is not my fault. So you were in my shoes, would you at least send a card, leave a message on his phone (although he claims he doesn't get them)? Or, do you just continue to wait until he comes to his senses and starts communicating again? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ;)


  1. If you feel bad for not communicating, I would pay attention and honor those feelings. Imagine each form of communication- lettwer, call, tc, and then choose the one that feels right.

  2. Thanks for responding WolfeWoman. It bothers me a great deal. I will take your kind words and make the best decision when the time comes.