Friday, February 27, 2009

New Scents Just Arrived!!!

For the new scents we received today, we have created listing titled, Pick Your Scent. This listing allows you to select one of our newer scents that we have not yet made individual listing for. As we go through our test shots and decide on the pictures that best represent our products, we will make individual listings. Until then you can still order, just do not forget to enter the scent of your choice in the 'message the seller' box during your Etsy checkout.

Our new scents are:

A Rose is A Rose
Blissful Vanilla
Blue Sugah! (m)
Egyptian Musk - unisex
Jean Paul Gaultier type (m)
Juicy Couture type
Light Blue type (w)
Mocha Latte
Prada type (w)
Spiced Pear
Sheer Silk
Truly Pink type
Vanilla CuppieCake

These scents were chosen by us and do not include the scent that we are asking for in the blog giveaway question please keep answering that question! We are always looking to add great scents.


  1. Hey! My favorite perfume is probably Golden Goddess by Baby Phat. It's great! As far as body sprays go it would be Pure Seduction by Victoria's Secret but a lot of people LOVE love spell lol So I would say that would be a big hit. :D

  2. My favorite scent is Pink Sugar by Aquolina.
    I wouuld like to see some honeysuckle added.


  3. Hi,

    You're missing a cocoa scent.
    Or should I say flavour ? :-)

    Kind regards,