Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essie retired Cherry Pop! Now what? Part II

Back again with another color I found as I look for a suitable replacement of Essie's retired color Cherry Pop. On the nail beds of my little princess' fresh ManiQ manicure, is Beverly Hills Plum from the Beverly Hills Manicure line by Orly. This color is VERY sheer with almost no pink although from the bottle the view is really pink. I think for me, this would be great to use if I decide to use my pink acrylic as my signature acrylic for single acrylic overlays over just using regular clear. I like the first Orly color I used before Des Les Fleurs but this would be a great runner up!
Colors also shown here, picked out by my little one....taking her to CosmoProf is bad for my wallet she picked 6 colors! China Glaze, Blue Sparrow, Carribean Temptation & Flying Dragon.

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