Sunday, February 7, 2010

Essie retired Cherry Pop! Now what?

I loved this color as a base for all of my nail art and french manicure nail bed color. It was the perfect color for just an extra bit of blush on the nail without adding too much color. I know some etailers are still carrying it but they want retail prices for it as much as $12....can you say OUCHIE??? I am not paying that much for an Essie polish, heck any nail polish for that matter.

Over the past few months I have been searching for a suitable replacement for this color. I think I have found three. The first of those is from Orly's French Manicure line. The color is called Des Fleurs. Shown here with my little one as the hand model, I think its a good one! In the bottle it has an irridescent cast to it and its a brighter blush as it is more pink than Cherry Pop, it was more red. This picture was taken 3 days after my daughter's last manicure and her ManiQ gel coat is holding her polish well.

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