Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfect Pedicures with ScRub Me Smooth Sugar Scrub

At the request of many of the nail technicians currently using my sugar scrub, I am listing pointers for using my scrub in your pedicure services. My clients love this scrub as it will exfoliate the feet leaving them dewy and nicely hydrated not greasy at all. And for techs, clean up is a breeze as this formula rinses away virtually clean with little to no residue behind AND it won't stain your pedicure throne!

I start my pedicure service by sanitizing the foot with a scented, alcohol based sanitizer. I will be making this in the spring of 2010 to compliment the scents in my line. Next I use my Tammy Taylor Disposable Foot File (purple grit) to breakdown rough, callused skin WHILE THE FOOT IS STILL DRY before soaking. If you skip this step, the feet will likely be rough at the end of the service no matter what you do. Using this method, I never need to use a Credo cutter nor will I ever! Once the calluses are smoothed to my liking, I then massage the foot with Creative Nail Design's Cuticle Remover/Callus Softener and put the client's foot in the spa for a complete 10 minute soak using my own foot soak of cheating! After doing the polish removal, cuticle work and nail shaping, I then dry the foot a bit and massage the foot with the sugar scrub. While the scrub is still on the foot, at this point the crystals should have dissolved, I then go back over the callused areas with my Tammy Taylor Foot File (purple grit, she does now sell a finer grit). This will completely smooth all the rough areas leaving your clients feet smooth as a baby's bottom! Follow up with my body butter for the massage portion of your service. It has excellent slip quality and you won't need to get more mid way through your service....don't you hate it when that happens? Apply polish as you normally would and viola.....the perfectly pedicured foot!

As soon as I figure out this camera, I will do a tutorial on youtube for this and many of my other products. If you have any additional questions, email me or leave them here.

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